San Luis Ranch Begins Next Construction Phase

May, 2019 – San Luis Obispo, CA

San Luis Ranch (SLR), a 131 acre mixed use development is set to begin the next phase of construction. This phase includes large-scale earthmoving and grading operations as well as traffic improvements to Madonna Road, Dalidio Drive and Froom Ranch Way. The work is scheduled to begin June 1, 2019 with site work and traffic improvements continuing over the course of next year.

The SLR team has provided the City with detailed construction traffic and air quality management plans. The construction plan was prepared to address vehicular circulation throughout the site along with instructions on traffic control on public roadways. The air quality plan is in compliance with the San Luis Obispo County’s air quality control requirements.

Work on the SLR site began last fall with the removal of identified dead and dying non-native trees. During this phase, clearing and clean-up of the butterfly groves was completed. Great blue heron nests were relocated onsite and felled eucalyptus trees were made available to the California Conservation Corp for a habitat restoration project in San Luis Obispo County.

Through conscientious and deliberate planning, SLR will offer diverse housing types for the local workforce, onsite retail amenities and community gathering spaces surrounded by a 50+ acre organic farm. Infrastructure improvements will also include walking trails, Class 1 bike lanes and transit center.

Construction timeline:

San Luis Ranch site improvements are scheduled to start in late May, 2019 with soil import onto site beginning in July. Construction of site improvements are scheduled to continue into the spring of 2020.

Improvements to Regional Roads – Madonna Road, Dalidio Drive and Froom Ranch Way are scheduled to start in July 2019 and continue into the summer of 2020.

Building and Commercial infrastructure will be constructed in conjunction with San Luis Ranch site improvements and are expected to be completed in summer of 2020. Housing and Commercial construction is expected to begin in spring of 2020.

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