A Home for Every Hope and Dream.

San Luis Obispo is a tight, close-knit community revered throughout the state. We can bring our sons and daughters, friends and colleagues even closer, but we must first bring them a home. San Luis Ranch includes over 500 new residences, in a variety of architectural styles and price ranges, to help satisfy the crucial need for more workforce and affordable housing. These new homes will reduce commute times, reduce the number of cars coming in and out of the city, reduce levels of greenhouse gases, and reduce water consumption 30% over existing homes. If you were raised in San Luis Obispo, or work in San Luis Obispo, you can live in San Luis Obispo – and prosper in a community you know and love.

No.  Affordable housing is required for all new developments in the city to provide housing for very-low, low and moderate income households (families earning between $41,000 and $66,000 per year).  Workforce housing provides homes affordable to middle-income employees, like police officers, nurses and teachers, as well as first-time buyers, inclose proximity to their jobs.  San Luis Ranch provides both deed-restricted affordable and workforce-by-design hosing in a new neighborhood close to downtown SLO.
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“If You Were Raised in SLO, or Work in SLO, You Should be Able to Live in SLO”