San Luis Ranch

The Enlightened Stewardship of Land and Community.

The plan for San Luis Ranch will be “deep green” encompassing sustainable building and development principles. These include advanced rain water capture systems, renewable energy sources that could lead to zero net energy homes, the reduction of water consumption by over 30% compared to existing homes, drought tolerant landscaping, community charging stations, and much more. The plan leaves 50% of the land as agriculture and open space, which helps to preserve the area’s eco-system, and reduces the amount of greenhouse gases by bringing people closer to where they work. We encourage you to view a recent interview with Kevin Hauber of San Luis Obispo Green Build on the advances of green building practices in our community.

How does San Luis Ranch Protect Water Resources?
San Luis Ranch will use state-of-the-art water conservation and recycling technologies, so that homes in the new neighborhood will use a fraction of that used by existing city homes. The City of San Luis Obispo has been developing abundant water supply resources for decades. The city utilizes water from the Salinas, Whale Rock and Nacimiento reservoirs, along with groundwater and recycled water. Additionally, San Luis Ranch overlies an important groundwater basin that may serve as an additional city water source in the future.
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“Zero Net Energy Homes, Rain Water Capture Systems, 30% Less Water Usage than Existing Homes”