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Farm to Table Community Planned for San Luis Obispo

Gary Grossman, President, San Luis Ranch LLC, has announced plans to build an innovative farm to table community in San Luis Obispo. The proposed 131 acre San Luis Ranch (formerly Dalidio Ranch) land plan will address the need for workforce and affordable housing, provide a multi-modal approach to reducing traffic congestion throughout the city, and preserve 50% of the land as agriculture and open space. This farm to table concept will be the first of its kind on the California Coast.

“This is a legacy project for our community – a sustainable plan that will protect our exquisite views, preserve our agricultural history and nurture our growth by providing much needed housing for our SLO workforce” says Grossman. San Luis Ranch reflects a commitment to a better alternative than the current entitled Measure J which would allow for yet another large scale, big box retail and commercial center of 500,000 square feet along with 15 acres of paved parking. Grossman continued “San Luis Ranch offers a softer, less intense, sustainable design and is more attuned to the current needs of our city based on the updated land use plan.”

The San Luis Ranch design concept is closely aligned with the City of San Luis Obispo’s Vision statement as noted in the Land Use and Circulation Element adopted in December 2014, which cited – “basic features of the city needed to sustain our livelihoods, our natural and historical heritage, and our needs for interaction and expression.” Further cited –“the City should provide a setting for comfortable living, including work and recreation.”

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