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San Luis Ranch Housing Project Approved by SLO City Council

The San Luis Obispo City Council approved construction of the San Luis Ranch housing project, which promises to include affordable and workforce housing. The land between Madonna Road and Highway 101 will become a community of more than 500 homes, which the developer believes will reduce the number of commuters and help ease the housing crunch.

wning a home has always been considered a significant part of achieving the American Dream, at least for Audrey Bigelow.

“I am currently a renter. I’ve been renting in San Luis Obispo for almost 14 years and I am in my thirties with two other roommates,” she said.

With hopes of buying a home in San Luis Obispo, Audrey added herself to the list of those interested in purchasing a San Luis Ranch home.

The 131-acre project will include up to 580 homes, a 200-room hotel, multi-purpose parks, and office and commercial space. Plus, more than half of the land will be set aside for agriculture and open space.

The housing units will range in size and include micro units, single-family homes and multi-family homes ranging in price from $300,000 to $600,000.

“We are preserving the barns, we are going to have an ag learning center, a sort of nice lifestyle experience so you can see that we are really focused on preserving view and having architecture. There is going to be exercise stations and full recreational facilities,” said Gary Grossman, San Luis Ranch developer.

Those who already live or work in the city will get priority when it comes to purchasing the homes.

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SLO Council Appears to Favor Housing Project

The proposed 580-home San Luis Ranch development off Madonna Road and Highway 101 in south San Luis Obispo may be headed to approval, judging from the comments of City Council members Wednesday night.

In front of a packed audience at City Hall, the council generally supported the project that would develop 40 acres of the 131-acre site for housing and set aside nearly half the total space — 60 acres —for organic farming and open space. Anyone who wants to buy a home must already live or work in the city to have first dibs.

The project also calls for a 200-room hotel, about 200,000 square feet of commercial space and 150,000 square feet of office space.

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Housing crisis? What California has is a housing catastrophe

Only 1 in 4 can afford an average home

Only a quarter of San Luis Obispo County residents can afford a median-priced home on the Central Coast, according to a report issued by the Los Angeles-based California Association of Realtors. In the county in the first quarter of 2017, 26 percent of residents could afford a median-priced $550,000 home, according to the report. Statewide, the number was 32 percent for a median-priced $496,620 home, the report said. In order to make monthly payments of $2,830 — which includes taxes and insurance — prospective SLO County homebuyers needed to make at least $113,020 a year, the report said. But here’s some good news: Our county isn’t the least affordable place to buy a home in California by a long shot. The least affordable county in California is San Francisco, where just 13 percent of residents can afford a home, followed by Santa Barbara, San Mateo, Santa Cruz and Marin counties.

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The housing crisis impact and solutions

An interesting article from the San Luis Obispo Chamber Website:

San Luis Obispo County’s housing crisis has long stymied economic development and opportunity in the region, making it difficult for companies to hire, and painful for employees who cannot afford to live where they work, often forcing them to leave the area.

“Everybody that we relocate here, probably 80 to 90 percent of them, leave,” said Kristin Flynn, chief human resources officer at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center speaking as part of a panel during the San Luis Obispo County Housing Summit. “They come here; they love the people, they love the life — I mean what’s not to love, that’s why we’re all here — and then they try to find housing and they get really discouraged.”

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San Luis Ranch

San Luis Ranch (SLR) is a proposed, mixed-use, farm-to-table community located on the former site of Dalidio Ranch. It is a plan grounded in the core values and character of the SLO community – respectful of its past yet vital to its future. SLR will help fulfill the workforce housing need, connect landmark trails and honor local agriculture heritage, with an exceptional level of integration and mobility that reduces reliance on automobiles. Featuring mini and micro lot sizes, multi-family dwellings, and the latest in energy and water reduction technologies, this neighborhood will point us toward a greener, more sustainable future. San Luis Ranch includes up to 580 residential units, 150,000 square feet of commercial development, 100,000 square feet of office development, a 200-room hotel, and preserves approximately 60 acres of contiguous agriculture and beautiful open spaces enhanced by an Agricultural Heritage Learning Center.

Over the next few months there will be several public hearings with the City of San Luis Obispo to move San Luis Ranch through the approval process. If affordable and workforce housing is important to you, please let your voice be heard- attend public meetings if you can. If you are unable to attend, you can submit your letter of support on the City’s website. We will be posting City meetings involving San Luis Ranch on our website. In addition, the City’s website – will have meeting agendas posted. There is also a local group – dwellforward – bringing people together and educating them about the housing approval process on the Central Coast

The SLR team is so excited about this unique community and we are committed to making it happen. As our leader, Gary Grossman says “this is a legacy project, providing a home for every hope and dream.” You can hear more from Gary on our website –

WHO: Planning Commission
WHAT: Public Hearing for San Luis Ranch
WHEN: May 24 & 25, 6pm
WHERE: Council Chamber, 990 Palm St, San Luis Obispo, CA

San Luis Obispo City Council Establishes Major Goals for 2017-2019

After resident surveys, advisory bodies prioritizing, a community forum and a city council goal setting workshop – the vote is in on the 2017-2019 Major City Goals.

On Saturday, January 28th, the San Luis Obispo City Council voted 5-0 to adopt these goals.  The top 4 goals set are :

  1. Housing Production with a goal statement to “facilitate increased production of all housing types designed to be accessible to the area work force and low and very low-income residents, through increased density and proximity to transportation corridors in alignment with the Climate Action Plan.”

The other goals in a three way tie are Multi-Modal Transportation, Climate Action and Fiscal Sustainability and Responsibility.