San Luis Ranch

A Home Grown, Farm to Table New Community In SLO.

San Luis Ranch (formerly Dalidio) is a proposed new Farm to Table community in San Luis Obispo, led by long time area resident and local homebuilder Gary Grossman and a visionary team of San Luis Obispo community stakeholders. The San Luis Ranch development team is made up of local artisans and professionals who live here, are raising families here, and feel deeply committed to San Luis Obispo and the stewardship of these precious lands. It was this commitment to something better than the currently entitled Measure J on the Dalidio Ranch, which allows for yet another large-scale, big box retail center with 3,000 parking spaces, that motivated the team to purchase the property and pursue a different direction. The new San Luis Ranch land plan offers a softer, less intense, more sustainable design, which leaves 50% of the land as AG and OPEN SPACE, maintains VIEW CORRIDORS from the 101, addresses the critical need for new AFFORDABLE and WORKFORCE HOUSING, and allows for a WALKABLE, BIKE- FRIENDLY, RECREATION ORIENTED community that seamlessly integrates into the existing environment.

How does San Luis Ranch benefit City Residents?

Due to the lack of workforce housing in the city, over 30,000 cars commute into and out of San Luis Obispo every day. San Luis Ranch will provide more than 500 new and much needed workforce and affordable housing for employees of San Luis Obispo businesses, allowing hundreds to walk, bike or take a bus to work. Miles of pedestrian and bicycle amenities and improved public transit will encourage residents to walk or bike to work, shop and partake in other activities. Less cars on our roads mean cleaner air and less congestion for everyone.

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“A Land Plan that Feels Right at Home in San Luis Obispo”