San Luis Ranch

Less Car, More Heart.

San Luis Ranch is designed to promote a walkable and bicycle-oriented community with shops and services located within easy reach. Located in the center of everywhere, residents can bike to work, walk to nearby retail centers, or simply jump on San Luis Obispo transit. The San Luis Ranch plan also completes the integral connection of the Bob Jones Trail from Laguna Lake to Los Osos Valley Road and seamlessly integrates into the existing San Luis Obispo circulation system. And when residents rely more on human energy- by biking and walking- and less on cars, it means less congestion and greenhouse gases and that’s healthy for everyone.

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How will San Luis Ranch Help Traffic?
The San Luis Ranch project includes a number of infrastructure improvements, including new sidewalks, bicycle and vehicular lanes on area roads, like completion of the Froom Ranch Bridge connecting Los Osos Valley Road to Dalidio Drive, and the Prado Road Highway 101 overpass, connecting Madonna Road to South Higuera. The entire project is designed to encourage bikes, pedestrian and neighborhood shopping. More information can be found in the San Luis Ranch Environmental Impact Report.

“Walkable and Bike-Friendly Means Less Cars and Congestion”