Frequently Asked Questions

How does San Luis Ranch Protect Water Resources?
San Luis Ranch will use state-of-the-art water conservation and recycling technologies, so that homes in the new neighborhood will use a fraction of that used by existing city homes. The City of San Luis Obispo has been developing abundant water supply resources for decades. The city utilizes water from the Salinas, Whale Rock and Nacimiento reservoirs, along with groundwater and recycled water. Additionally, San Luis Ranch overlies an important groundwater basin that may serve as an additional city water source in the future.
How can I support the approval effort?

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Is affordable housing and workforce housing the same?
No.  Affordable housing is required for all new developments in the city to provide housing for very-low, low and moderate income households (families earning between $41,000 and $66,000 per year).  Workforce housing provides homes affordable to middle-income employees, like police officers, nurses and teachers, as well as first-time buyers, inclose proximity to their jobs.  San Luis Ranch provides both deed-restricted affordable and workforce-by-design hosing in a new neighborhood close to downtown SLO.
How does San Luis Ranch benefit City Residents?
Due to the lack of workforce housing in the city, over 30,000 cars commute into and out of San Luis Obispo every day. San Luis Ranch will provide more than 500 new and much needed workforce and affordable housing for employees of San Luis Obispo businesses, allowing hundreds to walk, bike or take a bus to work. Miles of pedestrian and bicycle amenities and improved public transit will encourage residents to walk or bike to work, shop and partake in other activities. Less cars on our roads mean cleaner air and less congestion for everyone.
How will San Luis Ranch Help Traffic?
The San Luis Ranch project includes a number of infrastructure improvements, including new sidewalks, bicycle and vehicular lanes on area roads, like completion of the Froom Ranch Bridge connecting Los Osos Valley Road to Dalidio Drive, and the Prado Road Highway 101 overpass, connecting Madonna Road to South Higuera. The entire project is designed to encourage bikes, pedestrian and neighborhood shopping. More information can be found in the San Luis Ranch Environmental Impact Report.
What Makes San Luis Ranch Different From Other Proposed Developments on the Central Coast?
San Luis Ranch will create a small-lot and multi-family neighborhood nestled within a working farm that provides fresh, seasonal produce year-round and invites San Luis Obispo residents and visitors to participate in our city’s vital agricultural life. San Luis Ranch will be the first Farm-to-Table community on the Central Coast, preserving agricultural land and cultural heritage along with enhancing the quality of life that San Luis Obispo residents cherish.