San Luis Ranch

A Sustainable Land Plan that Protects Views, Preserves Agriculture and Nurtures Growth.

San Luis Obispo is a farming community. This is our legacy. And most importantly, this is our future. Preserving 50% of the land as a working farm and open space, which protects the existing view corridor into San Luis Obispo, and creates a new Agricultural Heritage Learning Center are just some of the ways that San Luis Ranch ensures that the agricultural heritage of San Luis Obispo remains firmly planted. When we honor the legacy of our past, we can build upon its strength as a community, to house our citizens, nurture our growth and sustain our values, without ever changing the landscape.

What Makes San Luis Ranch Different From Other Proposed Developments on the Central Coast?

San Luis Ranch will create a small-lot and multi-family neighborhood nestled within a working farm that provides fresh, seasonal produce year-round and invites San Luis Obispo residents and visitors to participate in our city’s vital agricultural life. San Luis Ranch will be the first Farm-to-Table community on the Central Coast, preserving agricultural land and cultural heritage along with enhancing the quality of life that San Luis Obispo residents cherish.

Interest List

“Preserving 50% of the Land as a Working Farm and Open Space”